The predecessor of E-Shark was founded in 2014, when the two founders just resigned from a well-known UAV production enterprise. Inspired by boosted, they turned to the research and manufacture of electric skateboards. With years of research experience in electrical controls and motors, they soon formed the core team of E-SHARK. From the very beginning, they targeted smart mobility, especially innovation in the electric skateboard category, and quickly set up a manufacturing plant. With its excellent design concept and strong production execution, E-SHARK signed OEM contract with several overseas electric skateboard brands to produce electric skateboards for well-known manufacturers worldwide.

From 2014 to 2018, through mass production of electric skateboards for major brands, we have accumulated countless valuable technical and production management experience, and established a powerful network of parts suppliers. During this period, E-SHARK actively performed its production and research and development responsibilities in accordance with the relevant agreements, but at the same time, E-SHARK did not give up its own attempts to change the way people travel for short distances, and always actively thought about the appearance of its own products.


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After years of modeling, design, verification and development, we officially launched the E-SHARK electric skateboard brand in 2018, and officially produced the first generation of our own brand product C7. E-SHARK has been clear about its goal since its inception : to produce a lightweight, practical, durable and intelligent short-range walker. It regards electric skateboarding or scooter as a tool to change human travel, rather than just a large toy of individual enthusiasts. To this end, the C7 was designed to be portable and comfortable enough to be used by people of all ages and genders. Whether it’s kids, college students, white-collar workers or fitness enthusiasts, E-SHARK is actively changing their way to travel. As a result, C7 achieved a very good success and was widely used among a large number of ordinary people, making more people who had never touched electric skateboard really fall in love with it, willing to travel with it.


In 2021, after many technical demonstrations and experiments, our new generation of ultra-light electric skateboard C8 was finally released, which completely and subversively made up for all the defects of C7. For example, the removable battery provides unlimited range possibilities, the ultra-lightweight shock-absorbing suspension system greatly improves the driving comfort, and the wide panels make driving dangerous lines significantly reduced. Over the years, we finally created an exciting product. C8 makes every person eager to change their way of short and medium distance travel have a better choice, so that the electric skateboard is not only a toy for a few skateboard enthusiasts, but also become a daily travel tool for ordinary people.


Like the Frenchman Cifrac who invented the bicycle at the end of the 18th century, could he have imagined that for more than 200 years, the bicycle has been an integral part of human society. Thousands of bicycles and their derivatives have greatly enriched the way people travel. Today in the early 21st century, we look forward to creating more possibilities for human travel. Imagine the future : 200 years later, when people take out their walking tools from their pockets, hopefully someone will notice that E-SHARK has been exploring and moving forward with this goal, and that in the meantime, there are a number of people just like you who have used its products on the planet.