About C8

What is the size of C8?

The size of the C8 is 70 x 20 x 13cm with a wide board design and large operating space to ensure that customers with the height of 4’7” (1m40) to 7’4” (2m20) can use it comfortably.

How many batteries can I buy at most?

In principle, there is no upper limit to the number of removable battery modules purchased, but we recommend that you buy less than 5 pieces per skateboard.

What about accessories? Can I get help in a skateboard shop?

For skateboard electronic accessories, you can order our accessories for maintenance work through our crowdfunding and e-commerce platform and official website. C8 skateboard also uses a lot of ordinary skateboard accessories, so you can get support in an ordinary skateboard shop.

Where can I get skateboarding related services?

Once you have purchased a skateboard, you can use our official website or shop for related services.

Do I need to wear a helmet?


I ordered a few C8, can I receive it together?


Does C8 consider increasing anti-theft measures?

Yes, we will actively consider adding reasonable anti-theft measures. At present, our recommendation is to protect the battery module.

Can I buy and mount tires of other brands on the C8?

Yes, but the tires must be the same size as the original wheels on the C8.

How much is the battery life of the C8 electric skateboard?

The C8’s battery module can be replaced at any time, so you can achieve unlimited improvements in battery life by replacing the battery. A single battery module provides 9 miles (15km) of battery life.

I can't see where the motor for the C8 electric skateboard is.

The motor of the C8 electric skateboard uses an in-wheel motor, which is hidden in the tire.

What is the Ah battery spec of the C8?

The single battery is Samsung 30Q, 3AH

Why is it called C8?

We have a number of electric skateboard series. C Series is a lightweight portable electric skateboard, C8 is the eighth generation of products.

Will the produced skateboards be exactly the same as in the picture?

Yes, each one will be the same as what is shown in the description.

Is the tire easy to disassemble?

Yes, both ordinary tires and stand-alone tires are very easy to disassemble and maintain.

Is C8 waterproof?

C8’s splash-proof and waterproof level is IPX56.

What kind of after-sales protection do you provide?

We will provide a 180-day warranty. We will mail accessories to you for replacement and after-sales. However, if the warranty period is exceeded, we can still provide all the accessories at a low cost. 

On what pavement can I use the C8?

The C Series electric skateboard is an ultra-lightweight electric skateboard, suitable for asphalt roads, cement roads, and other urban roads.

How often should I take care of my skateboard?

The C8 should be serviced like other electric skateboards.We recommend taking it to your local skateboard shop once a year to keep your electric skateboard in optimal working condition.

Can I change my order?

Yes, please contact hello@esharkboard.com.

Will the charger work with 120V and 220V outlets around the world? 50hz? 60hz?

Yes. All the above.

If the C8 skateboard runs out of power, or the battery is removed, can you use it as an ordinary skateboard?

Yes, and there will not be much resistance.

What's the shipping cost?

If you choose the basic shipping option, which will take around 40 days to arrive, shipping will be free. Faster modes of shipping will cost between $100 and $200. 

Why is the wheel sticking out of the board?

As for the design of the board, it’s intentional. After having researched traditional skateboards and electric skateboards, as well as being manufacturers of them for many brands ourselves, we’ve made the C8. We designed and molded a truck to combine the advantages of both the abilities of a longboard (high-speed driving) and a shortboard (fast steering and tricks).